The Theory of Change

Bodhicitta Consulting is an organization dedicated to positively impacting individuals, businesses, and communities through comprehensive consulting services. It deploys a systemic understanding of the current ecosystem in India and, specifically, the mental healthcare system in India.

“Bodhicitta Consulting aims to create lasting change that benefits the ecosystem.”
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Policy Level Transformation

At the policy level, Bodhicitta Consulting understands the significance of advocating for and influencing mental health policies for effective service delivery to the last-mile client. We work towards creating an environment where mental health is prioritised and integrated into the broader healthcare system. By collaborating with stakeholders, policymakers, and government bodies, we strive to make policy changes that ensure accessible and equitable mental healthcare services for all.

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Workplace Level Transformation

Bodhicitta Consulting recognizes that the workplace plays a crucial role in the well-being of individuals. We believe in fostering mentally healthy work environments that promote employee well-being and productivity. Our consulting services help organizations implement strategies that address mental health challenges, such as stress, burnout, and stigma. Creating supportive workplace cultures and implementing employee assistance programs strengthen the mental healthcare system at the grassroots level.

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Community Level Transformation

Bodhicitta Consulting understands the importance of engaging with communities to create sustainable change. They actively promote awareness and education about mental health, aiming to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help. By conducting workshops, training programs, and awareness campaigns, they empower individuals and communities to prioritize mental well-being. Through their efforts, they strive to build a society that values and supports mental health, ultimately strengthening the overall mental healthcare system.

Let's Connect and Discuss
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  1. Individual Counselling
  2. Interpersonal Counselling
    • Client-centered, evidence-based approaches,
    • Queer and neurodivergence affirmative practice,
    • Inclusive, non-judgemental processes
    • Referral to clinical psychologists and psychiatrists
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  1. Individual Coaching,
  2. Group Coaching for corporates, non-profits,
  3. Online psychometric and career assessments,
  4. Online self-growth self-paced courses,
  5. Research and documentation to visibilise organizational success stories,
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  1. Capacity building workshops for managers and leaders to set up their teams for success,
  2. Tailored solutions for vision building, and strategic direction setting for change-makers and community leaders,
  3. Comprehensive employee wellbeing and capacity building solutions for building productive, connected, and agile teams,
Comprehensive Career Counselling

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