Hey there!I'm Pompi Banerjee.

I'm a psychologist, human right activist, and a writer here to champion and unleash you.arrow

I am a queer affirmative and neurodivergence affirmative psychologist. With 11+ years of experience of working with people, organisations and communities towards building systems for wellbeing, I believe in understanding mental health issues from a systemic lens, and address them holistically - with the client at the center!

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    The birth of the identity of the organization is closely tied to wisdoms from Buddhism and Buddhist practitioners. Etymologically, the word is a combination of the Sanskrit words bodhi and citta. Bodhi means "awakening" or "enlightenment". Citta derives from the Sanskrit root cit, and means "that which is conscious" (i.e., mind or consciousness).

    Bodhicitta may be translated as "awakening mind" or "mind of enlightenment". In Mahayana Buddhism, bodhicitta, "enlightenment-mind" or "the thought of awakening", is the mind (citta) that is aimed at awakening (bodhi), with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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